I had a meeting with another lovely lady who has a Virtual Assistant business this morning who is now looking for new clients.  Our discussion mainly centred around how potential clients often cannot see the benefit of working with a VA and outsourcing, as opposed to having in-house admin staff or doing it themselves.  It’s amazing how so many small businesses spend so much time on their own admin, wasting precious time, when they could be chasing new leads themselves or even having a bit of R&R!  Perhaps they think that paying a VA would be wasting their money as they don’t realise the reasonable rates that most VA’s charge and the benefits of having somebody with many years’ experience doing the admin for them.

One client of mine, who I have worked with for over 2 years, used to spend hours and hours typing his own reports. When I started typing them for him he actually said “I’m not so stressed and anxious and feel I can breathe again”.  Instead of spending hours wasting time he was able to go out and do another survey, chase leads, catch up with existing clients or even play a round of golf!

There are many businesses who also pay for full time admin staff when it really isn’t necessary.  I wonder if they REALLY know how productive they are for the money they pay them, let alone having to pay them when they are off sick or on holiday, overheads, benefits, tax etc. etc.  The list goes on!  With a VA you only pay for the work they actually do.  If you only need somebody to work for an hour a day, that is all you pay for.  Of course, sometimes you DO need somebody in the office but we can offer a back-up for the times when they are away.  The extortionate rates you have to pay for temps from agencies is such a waste when you can pick up the phone and we are there to cover virtually.

We can do anything that in-house workers can do, whether it be call handling, email management, typing, research, organising meetings, follow-up calls for quotes, website management, cold-calling, social media management, book-keeping, accounts, marketing, HR etc.  The list is endless in this technological age of ours (OK, we can’t make you a coffee, but that’s the only downside I can see!).  Instead of having a ‘secretary’ filing their nails and playing Candy Crush, you could have a virtual assistant who actually works for their money!  If we don’t produce the goods, we don’t get paid, simple!

The Virtual Assistant industry is growing and I can see a future where most businesses will have remote workers when they understand the benefits that we can add to their businesses.  There are no contracts, no up-front costs and, like I’ve said previously, you only pay for what we do.  There are more risks and costs to taking on full-time staff, especially when you realise they can’t actually do the job intended!

Go on, give us a try, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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