So, another year is over and I am now coming up to completing my third year as a self-employed VA and what a wonderful three years it has been.  I’ve been lucky enough to work for some fantastic people in many different industries along the way, but mainly the property industry which I feel I now know inside out!

Recently I have been working for an author, testing my skills on social media and have also done some admin for a slimming consultant which has been so good and makes an interesting change.  So many small business owners are finding that employing a VA, even for just a couple of hours a week really helps, leaving them to concentrate on the business itself and preventing them from being bogged down with admin.

The cost of paying a VA for a couple of hours here and there can ultimately be a godsend.  You may be a fantastic business person, great at gaining new business, but is admin really your ‘thing’?  Do you really want to spend hours typing reports, minutes, letters, emails with two fingers when you can send it over via a sound-file to someone who can do it in a fraction of the time?  Do you need a database of contacts made up but you haven’t got round to it yet?  Is your email inbox full of enquiries and spam that you really haven’t the time to sort through?  All the little admin things add up and you end up overwhelmed with it all.

Just before Christmas I embarked on a telesales campaign to gain new business.  So many companies were still unaware of what a virtual assistant is and the benefits they can bring.  I felt proud that I was getting the word out there and hopefully in the future more and more companies will realise that it all makes sense.

I was also lucky enough recently, by a chance meeting, to find another lovely local lady who is going to help me out when work is really busy.  She also worked in the property industry before having children which is absolutely ideal for me.  Thank you Clare for agreeing to work with me!

I love doing what I do and if you, or anyone you may know, is struggling with admin then please give me a call on 07737 153265 to have a no obligation chat.  Just an hour a week can make your lives so much easier so don’t sweat the small stuff and let us help.  Just think what you could achieve with the extra couple of hours we could free up for you!